Which Landscaping Tools You Should Own
Which Landscaping Tools You Should Own

For the person who has recently purchased a house, there is a yard that also comes with that house. Surprise! You not only get to manage everything on the house, but now you have to keep up the exterior and the outdoors as well. If you didnít have any landscaping tools before or any interest in learning about them, the time is right. You will have to learn about what tools are available and what needs to be done to maintain your yard properly. Even if you hire out your lawn needs, you still need to have some basic tools around the shed to manage your lawn and make it look nice year round.

Whatís Your Interest

Not everyone likes to be outside. Whether it is from allergies to the grass or a dislike of all things garden tools, working in the dirt is not a hobby by some people. But even if you dislike the outdoors, you still need to have a few tools around to handle issues that need attention. One item would be a shovel. There is always a need to scoop up a dead bird, move dirt, level wood chips or plant a new bush. There are a variety of shovels available, but a standard, digging shovels covers most needs.

Another tool you should own includes a rake. You can always hire someone to rake your leaves, but you should also have the tools to do it yourself, even if just a little bit. A plastic rake will handle leaves, but a metal rake is needed for leveling dirt, moving dirt or even cleaning out a ditch.

For people who are more interested in their lawn, they will need to have hedge trimmers, an edger, a weed whip, shovels, rakes, hoes and even a lawnmower. Some people enjoy being outside as much as possible and will spend all kinds of time on their lawn. Like, as soon as they finish cutting it, they will be putting fertilizer down to make it grow!

How Big is Your Yard

The size of your yard determines what tools you should own too. A small yard with only bushes will just require a push mower and clippers. A large yard could need a brush hog, a riding lawn mower, electric hedgers, edgers, weed whips, leaf blowers and the whole nine yards. But if you bought a big yard in the first place, chances are youíll like being outdoors and wonít mind taking care of the lawn.

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