What Tools Are Needed

The time has come to make your plain old yard with no landscaping in to a beautiful area. You might want to go crazy with flowers, bushes and trees, but you need to set limits. The landscaping plants will not only be expensive, but then you need to consider how much the tools to maintain them cost. If you are buying a few small shrubs, adding mulch and then annuals, then you wonít need much more than hand hedge trimmers, a trowel and a rake for the mulch. But when you go crazy and plant several flower beds, trees, bushes and a hedge, then the landscaping tools might cost you as much as or more than the actual landscaping project did to begin with.

How to Manage the Yard

Make a list of the tools you already have. Will they manage the plants you are intending to put in the yard? Do you even have any tools to start with since you didnít have more than grass to take care of before? No matter what, consider the tools you have to purchase in order to maintain the various greenery you are buying. Some tools you might need would include an edger, a hedge trimmer, a weed whip, if you are putting in edging and wonít be able to reach all areas of the lawn anymore or even more shovels and rakes.

And consider the maintenance of the items being planted. Do the bushes drop fruit? Then you will have a combination of fruit and bird dropping under the tree. And any type of tree will drop its leaves in the fall, therefore you will need at least one rake and maybe a leaf blower. Can you afford all of those items?

Buy What Works

Donít let yourself get distracted by the shiny 10,000 watt hydraulic leaf blower, rake and whistler combo. OK, so that is a bit far fetched, but you can grasp the meaning here. Buy what works for you and the size of yard you really have, not the one in your dreams. There are tools that will do the job adequately and then there are tools that go overboard for the size of yard you have. Stick to what will work just fine and you wonít have to worry about making payments or learning how to use the tool in the first place.

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