Selling Electronics and Appliances at Garage Sales
Selling Electronics and Appliances at Garage Sales

One of the most popular things to do on a warm and sunny summer day is to drive around and look for garage sales. You can find a lot of deals on garage appliances being sold. All kinds of electronics and appliances sell for cheap through a garage sale either because the person bought a newer version, they are moving or they just want to unclutter their life. No matter what their reasons are, you can take advantage of it and save some money for yourself.

Price it Right

Unless, of course, you are a person who wants to get rid of your clutter. Then it is time to clean out the garage, set up the tables and begin pricing your items. You might even be able to add to your selection when you offer the kids the money from the items they sell. Or if they help you work the garage sale. Children and spouses are often motivated when it comes to money, so you never know what you might be able to get out of them until you try.

When they bring items to you and you sort through all of your boxes, make sure the price is right. Are you trying to make money or are you trying to clean out your home? People donít go to garage sales looking to pay full price for items, so mark it way down. Give it a bargain basement price so you donít have to lug it back inside and deal with it later. Price everything so that it sells and you can declutter your house and your garage at the same time.


You want people to come to your sale, so make some signs. This is a great way to get your kids and spouse involved. Have them write up signs that advertise some of the electronics and appliances you will be selling. They can then go out together and randomly place the signs through town and attract people to your house. And they will be motivated to advertise too, if they have items for sale and get to keep their profits. Again, it comes down to money! But if they help, if they clean their room and their portion of the garage, there isnít anything wrong with rewarding them with a bit of hard earned money.

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