Overhead Storage Racks
Overhead Storage Racks

Have there been a few developments over the years that when you saw it, you wondered why you didnít think of that? One such thing is probably overhead storage racks for the garage. Sure, there is a ton of wasted space behind the garage door when it opens. And when the door is shut, it is easily accessible. It was a genius idea to create garage appliances that utilize this space and make a garage look neater. Bravo! Is getting an overhead storage rack right for you and your needs? If you have stuff stored in a garage, then the answer is probably yes.

Remove the Clutter

For people who have a lot of stuff that isnít used regularly, like camping supplies, then the rack would be perfect for it. It will be out of the way, organized and exactly where you left it after the last trip. But when you use it often, then you might not want to pack it away, up in the rack. In that case, is there something else you donít use as frequently that could go up there?

Chances are, each garage contains items that arenít used often and would be perfect to go up in the rack. The more that can go up in the storage, the cleaner the rest of your garage will look. Or, the more room you will have down below to fill up! Storage racks also work to keep breakables out of the way of kids. For instance, do you have camping lanterns that need to stay away from little hands? Place them up in the racks and no one without a ladder can get to it and threaten to break it.

Store Whatís Possible

It might seem like a great idea to throw whatever will fit up in the overhead storage racks, however, use a little caution. Most people keep sporting goods, camping supplies and sometimes holiday decorations outside. But is it the best idea? For items that are delicate or could break, you might want to consider moving them to the basement storage, where the conditions wonít change as much. The extreme heat or the extreme cold, not to mention any dampness could affect how your decorations or sporting goods last. Ornaments may split and leather may start to rot. If you absolutely need to store the items in the garage, it can still be done with caution.

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