Most Needed Lawn Garden Tools

Buying a house with a lush green lawn can be an amazing thing. That is, until you realize that you actually have to cut the lawn on the house once you buy it. You donít have any garden tools, a lawn mower or anything to handle maintaining your new yard. Help! What garden tools do you go out and buy first? What are the most needed lawn and garden tools to have and what can you go without until you have a project to do? The answer depends on your budget and the type of yard you have.

Match Your Needs

How much of a yard did you buy? Do you have a lawn that is huge and will require several hours worth of care each week? You might want to see if there are power tools that can make the task go a little bit faster. If you do not have any time to maintain a yard, then it might be a smart idea to get estimates on getting at least a little bit of help so your lawn doesnít get overgrown and you wear out your welcome with the neighbors before the boxes are even unpacked! Once you know how much of the chores you will be performing, then you can go out and shop.

Spend Wisely

If you are newly moving in to a home, there are a lot of things to buy. The expense might be overwhelming, but you can manage it in pieces. For example, what season are you moving in? If  it is November, then you donít need to worry about getting a lawnmower or a weed whip  for a couple of months if you live in the north or have a winter where grass does not grow. Instead, focus on getting a shovel, a snow blower and some salt!

Buy your garden tools the season ahead of when you need them. Towards the end of winter, you can load up on hedge trimmers, a lawn mower and a shovel. Depending on what landscaping you have, you might not need a hedge trimmer, but a weed whip. Only buy the tools that you have a need for. The lawnmower to keep the grass cut is probably the first priority. Then get tools that match what landscaping needs you have, from trimming the bushes to keeping the weeds cleared away.

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