Malfunctioning Power Tools

Is there anything worse than setting aside your whole weekend for a project in the dining room or the kitchen, only to get out the power tools you need and discover one of them is not working? Or maybe it is working, but malfunctioning slightly on what it is supposed to do? A malfunctioning power tool could be one that throws sparks once it is turned on to one that cuts along a different line than the one you had drawn out and were pushing towards. Since power tools are mechanical, there is always the chance that they will have a glitch and malfunction. But there is also a chance there will be an operator error with the tool too! Make sure it is truly the tool and not the person causing the problem before you report any issue with it!

Watch Your Devices

If you have used the sander before, you will know how well it sands off uneven surfaces. Plug it in, turn it on and then you have a whir and the dust starts to fly. But what happens when too much dust flies? The sander could be digging in to the surface too much and taking away excess layers. Are you pushing too hard or did the settings adjust on their own?

If the sander doesn’t seem to be producing any sand at all, is it because the sandpaper is old and there is nothing for sanding? Or is the sander not power the device to use the sanding motion enough. Evaluate your tool, what is going wrong and if it needs to be changed by you or looked at by a pro. Taking a sander in for fixing when all it needed was a piece of sandpaper would be quite embarrassing!

Fix the Tools Promptly

When you have come to the conclusion that the malfunction is mechanical, then you need to get the tool repaired promptly. If it is new or under warranty, then take it back to the store where it was purchased so they can fix or replace your item. A warranty purchased on a power tool will get you extended service on it or you would be entitled to a replacement if it could not be fixed. Failure to get the tools fixed promptly could lead to an accident. The accident could be a fire from a spark or an injury on your person.

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