What are Landscaping Tools
Landscaping Tools

No matter what sized yard you end up with outside of your house, you will need a few tools in order to take care of it. Some tools will be electric or gas powered, such as a lawn mower. Other tools will be hand powered, like clippers for flowers. How do you know what the right tools are for you? The answer would be to have a good mix of tools at your disposal. That way, if one ever fails you can go to the backup. And if you have two methods of getting something done, there is never an excuse that the yard looks overgrown. Simply pull out your landscaping tools and get busy making it look good, no matter if they are hand powered, gas powered or electric.

Hand Powered

An edger can make the side of the driveway or sidewalk look even and clean. There is a tool that allows you to do this by hand and it works like a spade. However, you can also buy an electric model to do it faster. If you are able to, the exercise from doing it yourself might make you feel good.

Another hand powered tool is clippers. Clippers can cut out branches from bushes or small trees. They allow the persona bit more control as they snip one or two branches at a time. When you have flowering bushes or small ornamental trees, this is the way to trim them. An electric trimmer would probably make too many cuts and shred a bush and its flowers needlessly.

Other hand tools to keep on hand include a seed thrower, a trowel, a rake, a hoe and a shovel. The tools can be used at a momentís notice without checking a gas tank, pulling a cord or having to see why it wonít start.

Electric or Gas Powered

Some electronic and gas powered tools are needed for yard maintenance, especially if you own a big yard or have heavy landscaping. Some of these items would include electric hedge trimmers. With an electric pair, you can hold the trimmers even anc cut away the top of a hedge in a manner of minutes. It is easier to get level looking bushes with less effort and work than by doing all of that cutting by hand. Other electric tools include a weed whip, that can get in and eliminate tall grass or weeds when a lawnmower canít get close enough.

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