Is a Bigger Garage Really Worth the Money?
Is a Bigger Garage Really Worth the Money?

When you park outside of the garage, trudge through the snow and get in to the garage to see the snowblower, the lawnmower, the bikes and a pile of holiday decorations in your spot, you might want to scream. Why didnít you build a larger garage when you had the chance? Maybe you never had the chance, but the thought isnít so bad. Are bigger garage plans really worth the money you will spend on the entire process? Garage remodeling does not come cheap, especially if you are planning on adding a significant amount of floor space to your house.

What Do You do in the Garage

Before you spend any money on a garage remodel, you need to evaluate your needs. Do you simply pull in the garage, close the door and turn out the light? Or are you the type of person that tinkers on projects, works on fixing the car engines, changing the oil and doing projects out there? If you are the latter type of person, then more space and money for the garage might be worth the money spent. If you only need a glorified ceiling and walls to protect your items, then you could consider a cheaper shed or getting rid of some of the stuff you donít use anymore.

When people use the garage often, for doing projects like painting, staining or woodwork, then a bit of added space is nice. A workroom out in the garage will also keep areas of the house cleaner, simply because you have a place to go and get the dirty work done. And if you ever sold the house in the future, a potential buyer would love to see that space for their own projects. Whether they ever get out there and do any is pointless – they just need to envision themselves out there working.


How long do you plan to stay in the house after you remodel it? For people who plan on living there forever, then it is worth the investment to you to have more space. For people who will be moving in one to ten years, then you need to consider if you can get the cost back in a higher asking price for your house. Since the workspace is appealing to many buyers, it might become a point to sell your house faster in a crappy market.

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