Insulated Garage Doors and Integrated Kitchen Appliances For Urban Living

Are you the type of person that presses the garage door opener, parks the car and doesn’t pay any more attention to the garage you left behind? For most people, that is typical. But there are other types of people who love their garages. And they love their environment. How can you make a dirty old space in to an eco-smart, urban living mecca? OK, maybe that is taking it a bit too far. But you can make your garage a little prettier and a little smarter when it comes to resources. There has been a lot of improvement when it comes to the technology of garage appliances and other items you need for your household to be smarter and eco-friendlier.

Live Smart

Technology has improved so we can be smarter in two ways. Use less electricity and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint behind. One way to use less energy is to insulate your garage doors. The garage might not be heated, but just think how much heat can seep out those metal doors that are thin. A lot. When you provide insulation, then you keep the house heat from leaking out through the garage. And if the garage is warmer, then there is a chance to make it in to some man space!

Another way to be smart in an urban world is to have garage door openers that use less energy. The lightbulb attached to the opener can be a smart bulb that uses less energy and heat when it is on. It will also last longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, keeping them out of landfills. There will be less bulbs to buy for you and less energy consumed, so you win all the way around.

Chic is Eco Friendly Too

For people who like to change room colors as often as the season, you are in luck. There is low toxicity paint that has a lot less odor with it. The less chemicals means the less being out in the air you are breathing. There is also less toxic material to dispose of when you are finished with the paint can. When you place energy smart appliances in the rooms with low chemical paint, you can feel pretty good about reducing the size of your carbon footprint for future generations.

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