Types of Garden Tools
Garden Tools

Every person likes to own power tools, but when it comes youíre your lawn and garden, you will need garden tools that are a combination of both. There are electric and motor generated tools to help keep your lawn looking beautiful and there are hand powered ones that are needed as well. Make sure you have both on hand to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Not one type of tool can do it all, so manage your shed and its contents wisely.

Power Tools

Power tools are nice to have because they get any type of job done faster. An electric lawn mower is faster than a non-electric push one. A riding lawn mower is faster than a push mower that is gas powered. Gas and electric powered tools will get a job done – but you still need the manpower behind it to work. A weed whip can cut down tall grass and weeds fast, but you still need to be behind the handle to manage it.

Other types of power tools that might be needed for your yard include hedge trimmers. These can be gas, electric or even hand powered, depending on what type of hedge you have. An electric one is best for evergreen hedges and thick bushes, like burning bushes and forsythia. You could also need an edger if you have a long sidewalk or driveway. A leaf blower, when there are trees in your yard and you donít want to rake them all.

Hand Tools

There are always a few tools that wonít electricity to run them. That would include your shovels, rakes and hoes. If you have any type of yard, then having at least one shovel to dig holes, move dirt or mulch around would be appropriate. For yards with a little bit of dirt and flowerbeds, then you would also need to have a hoe on hand to in order to cut back weeds. You can pull some by hand but a hoe can get the ones with thorns and pickers and ones in hard to reach places. And a rake has many uses. There are rakes meant to gather all of the leaves around the house. Put them in piles at the road or bag them up to be taken away. You can also get a flat, metal rake which is used to level dirt or wet cement if you are laying concrete.

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