Garage Roller Doors - A New Start
Garage Roller Doors - A New Start

What better way is there to bring in a new year with a new look for the exterior of your house. Having new garage doors put on your house can completely change the look of your house, giving you better curb appeal, a higher home value and well, a fresh new look for a new year. What kinds of doors should you consider for your garage remodeling project?


Before you can consider what type of garage door to get, you need to figure out your budget. Do you have a lot of money to spend or are you limited to just a little bit, since you spent a lot of money over the holidays? No matter what your door is, you can find a great door. However, you need to know your budget before you go out shopping or looking.

There are standard doors that open with a garage remote. You can have one door or two small doors on the front of a two car garage. These doors can come in colors to match the siding, the shutters or whatever color coordinates with your house. You can add different colored numbers or even trim as an accent around the door.

There are other doors that look like old fashioned carriage doors. They swing up in one piece and can have fancy hinge work on the outside. The doors can come in standard colors, such as white, beige or even browns. They can also be made to match the color of the house. The interesting aspect of these doors are the hinges and fancy detail work painted on them. Since the doors are one piece and not panels that roll up, you could have the family name or initials painted on the front. Gives an added touch to the exterior of the house.


Pick how much use your door will get too. Do you use the door several times a day or just once? The more you use your door, there might be better suited models to work for you. Some doors won’t withstand heavy use as well as others, so consult your sales person and get their opinions on the exact model that will work for you. Choose a door that is beautiful, fits in to your budget and will last as long as you do in the house.

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