Creating Functional Garage Plans
Garage Plans

Planning a remodel on your house or garage is an exciting time. There are all kinds of options to pick from, including the light fixtures, the floor plan, the shelving, etc. Oh, you hadnít considered any of that in your design? What did you include in your design? A new garage shouldnít just be four walls put up so you can fill it up and clutter it all with junk. A new garage should have a plan that will maximize the space so you donít have clutter problems and end up needing another new garage to hold all of your stuff. The garage plans should include all types of shelving, organizational tools and have a traffic flow for everyone in the house.

How to Design a Garage

You can look at your current garage and know what works and what doesnít. Do you have a dead zone, where there is stuff just dumped because it has no where to go? Instead of having a dead zone, make it functional with shelving or a storage cabinet. Give it drawers to hold tools and small sporting good equipment items that would otherwise get lost. Label the drawers or cupboards so you remember what you placed where. Find any unused space and make it usable and functional for the whole family.

If you donít know how to design a garage, donít feel bad about hiring a professional. They will know how to draw up plans that will work for all of the tools and items you need to keep stored inside. Whether you need shelving, cupboards or hooks on the wall for bikes, a professional will be able to draw up the right plans. They might even have a few tips or ideas you hadnít thought about before that utilize even more space.

Expense of a New Garage

Depending on how much of a garage you add on will determine how much it costs. For the person adding on just a bit of space, the cost could probably be kept under $10,000. If you are adding on a whole new garage or building one from scratch and it includes a two car garage, then the price could be closer to the $25,000 mark. When you add in more options like drywall, paint, heated floors, built in shelving, then the costs could be higher and the price could rival that of a small house.

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