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Garage Furniture

When a friend or a relative mentions an idea you never heard of, you can stop and think that is weird. Or you can really think about an idea and discover it actually has a lot of merit. Like putting garage furniture in your…garage. Why would you want a couch and chairs in the one area of the house that gets the most dirt? Actually, garage furniture doesn’t have to be traditional in the sense of the word. Furniture placed in the garage could include stools at a workbench, a few chairs along the side or even one chair in front of a TV. You might be surprised how often furniture in the garage gets used.

Man Space

The first thing that comes to your mind will obviously be man space. And while most men do like to tinker around in the garage, there could be other uses for the man space. It could be a place to build model cars. It could be a relaxing area with bright light to tie fly fishing lures. It could also be a place to watch TV when no where else in the house is available. The man space could be a rustic den, just out in the garage.

The space could also be for kids or even mom. A workbench could be a great place to store wrapping paper. It could also be a large area to craft on. The workbench could hold scrapbooking supplies or even the next house plant potting day. The workbench with seating would appeal to not only dad, but the females and the younger children living in the house. If there is one comfy chair, then there will be at least one person who likes the space.

Extra Living Space

For the family that is growing by leaps and bounds, you might be running out of room where you can go and relax for a few minutes. One place where you can get that extra living space may surprise you. It might not be big, like a living room, but a garage could provide a small sitting area with a table where you could work on. It doesn’t have to be fancy either. The garage space can be a wooden countertop with a few stools placed in front of it. This might prompt the kids to pull up a stool, get out a hammer and nails and be creative (with supervision, of course).

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