Choosing Garage Doors
Choosing Garage Doors

When you are remodeling a garage, there are a lot of options to consider. Is this for your current garage or are you adding on a whole new garage to the house? Are you getting one door or two smaller ones? What color should you get? What height? You need to consider all of the uses for the garage before you decide on a door for the garage. Not every style is available in every size, so you will need to know the size before you go shopping. Price and function of the garage doors will make a difference to what is available to you.


Is your door to open and let a car in? Is this a side door so an RV can pull inside? Do you need to have access for a boat or to open up a camper? Then you will want a tall door attached on to your garage. A tall door will cost more money, but it will make your garage more functional as your family grows and you purchase more toys in the future. Spending money now will be cheaper than another remodel in the future would be!

Is this door used by you often? Do the kids come in and out of the garage frequently? Do you want the door to look good and make a statement on your house? There are doors made for more decorative purposes when they are used too frequently. Frequently used doors need to be made of higher quality construction so they can hold up to heavy wear and tear. Decorative doors might only serve the purpose of looking good and being used on an occasional basis at best. Consult with a salesperson if you arenít sure what type would fir your family best.

Picking a Size

Depending on what your functions are will automatically determine your door size. If you have no plans of ever buying, let alone driving an RV, then you might not need a tall door. But do you want a single door for each car to enter or do you want one big door to go up and down each time? Pick what doors meets your size requirements for its job. Once you have the size, then you can shop. Stay within your budget, because there are a lot of options that could make a door more expensive and blow your budget.

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