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Garage Door Openers

How many times do you pull in the driveway, push a button and take for granted that those garage doors are going to open for you? Almost every time probably, unless you have had a problem with your door in the past and know to appreciate that technology. Or if you have recently thought about upgrading or remodeling your garage. Then you might have realized how many different options there are when it comes to actually getting that door open securely. The door openers have a lot of different features so they make you more secure. How?

Remote Options

Everyone knows what a garage door opener looks like. Unfortunately, that means that thieves know what to look for if they are looking for an easy way in to your house. A garage door opener only works if they know where you live, but you donít want to take a chance of a thief knowing that! How can you prevent them from getting the opener in the first place?

Companies have made garage door opener remotes smaller, more discrete and programmable devices on your vehicle itself. Many cars come standard with the equipment to open the garage door with a button that is programmable on the vehicle. But if your car doesnít have that technology, donít fear. You can have a remote in your car that tucks in to the dash, one that fits in to the glove box or a small one that even hooks to the visor in the front of the car. The smaller design isnít so obvious to someone who is casually walking by your car.

Opener Options

There are a few options when it comes to how the door is opened. There is the traditional remote, that is a box and used from your car. You press a button that works with the garage door and the door simply goes up because of the remote code. But there are other devices available now too. For instance, you can have a box mounted to the side of the garage that hooks in to the door. You or your children who want access to the house, when they arenít in a car, can type the code and wait for the door to lift. Makes for a great option when you find yourself getting dropped off if you donít have a key.

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