Garage Door on the Fritz?

Are you sitting in your car, waiting for the door to go up so you can back out? But wait? What is that horrible noise? Is there an animal outside that is hurt? Is a neighbor playing a radio? Oh, nevermind. It seems like your garage door is just on the fritz. Again. The garage appliances have never been your thing to maintain, so you back out, lower the door and speed away. While you can ignore the noise, you canít ignore the cause of the noise or problem. And by continually ignoring the obvious warning signs from your door, you could be in for a lot more repair and expense later.

Regular Maintenance

No matter if you have never been a person who is up on maintenance items, you should be. Especially if you are now a homeowner. The squeaking hinges or the rollers on the door could be a sign there is a problem going on. A problem that could spin out of control and cost you a bit more money in the future if it isnít taken care of promptly. Regular maintenance on a garage door is fairly easy to do. It involves oiling all the moving parts and making sure they are all still in one piece. Do they have cracks in them? Are they all still hooked where they should be? Spotting problems now could save you from an accident later on. An expensive one.

Replace as Needed

Have you ever seen a picture where the garage door dropped down on the car inside of it? When you donít maintain your garage door mechanisms, then you can surely have a disaster on your hands. The regular oiling of parts keeps them moving better. The inspection gets them checked over to make sure they are whole. When you do neither, it is a recipe for disaster. Less lubrication means less protection from rolling parts. Less lubrication means parts could catch and crack. Cracks could lead to bigger cracks. Bigger cracks can split wide open and allow a door to fall down on the car that is sitting inside the garage, waiting to get out. Except now the vehicle is damaged, the garage door is useless and you canít make it to where you were going because the house isnít secured. Maintenance would have been a lot easier than this.

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