Discover Their Functions in Full Gear
Discover Their Functions in Full Gear

Remember the old TV show where the guy got excited about power tools? But then he usually ended up having an accident with them or got hurt? It should be a lesson to everyone that even though it makes for great laughs, using landscaping tools or any other power tool incorrectly could be disastrous. You can use a fully powered device and have fun, yet get the job done correctly and without incident. How? Open your eyes.

Read the Directions

Before you flip the on switch or fill up the gas tank, pull out the instruction manual. I know it is boring and no one likes to hold off from revving an engine or cutting something down, but it is necessary. Your safety or that of a loved one might hinge on how well you read the instructions. And imagine how many more functions you can learn about if you actually read through the directions? Probably twice as many as if you had just fired it up and tried to go it all on your own!

The directions will not only instruct you on the proper use, but there will be tips on how to charge a battery – if there is one – how to use attachments, what accessories are available and what the best methods for use are. Failure to follow any of these tips could result in an injury or an accident to you.

Use Safety Precautions

When you have landscaping tools and want to use them in full gear, you need to wear safety gear as well. Don’t use the weed whip when you are wearing flip flops. You could cut your foot, not to mention have something fly back and cut you. The same goes if you are cutting the grass, even on a rider. Where shoes that cover your entire foot and could give you at least a little bit of protection if it was needed.

When you are out trimming bushes or pulling weeds, you might want to think about gloves for your hands. There might be a stray weed with thorns that could get your hand. Or the branches could be sharp and give you cuts. It only takes a few seconds to slip on gloves or to even tie your shoes and those few seconds could save an appendage or even a limb from being severely cut.

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