Commercial and Personal Storage Services Offered

Do you have a bunch of garage furniture that just takes up space nowadays? Did you ever consider moving it around, so you had a larger space to utilize? Depending on the size of your garage, or even if you had a pole barn, you could do a lot with that space. If you had a large space, you could offer commercial and personal storage services to those who donít have a similar space. Never thought you could make money from having empty space, did you? Now it is time to utilize that space and make some profits.

Check Your Space

Go out and measure your actual unused area. Granted, you will have items that need storage, but you should also have plenty of room left for big items from other people. Donít advertise space for rent unless you actually have it. Measure the width, the length and even the height you have available. A person might have a boat, an RV, an extra vehicle or something else that needs storage. When you have the proper dimensions of your space marked out, then they can tell if it will fit inside or not. The more detailed your measurements are, the more you can figure out to hold, too.

Income From Unused Space

The first person that calls only has a small boat to store. Place their boat inside and then take more measurements. How much space do you have left? After each successive person comes and brings something, then decide how much room you are willing to fill. DO they need access to their item often? Is it for winter storage only? Depending on what and how long they are storing will also determine how much you charge them. You should probably devise a square feet charge per month. That way, the larger the item, the more they pay. And the longer it is in storage, the more they pay.

Giving a flat rate per person per winter might rob you of some income you could have coming in. When you have a lot of room, you could make a sizable sum of money by storing items. Measure out your space carefully so that you can maximize any income directed your way, no matter how short or long term their needs are. Any income that comes in is more than you were expecting with the furniture sitting there!

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