A Truly Rewarding Project for All!
A Truly Rewarding Project for All!

You might not think about it at first, but a garage remodeling project could be a fun time for everyone involved. How? You ask. By making everyone have a part in the project, you could have some quality family time that you otherwise might not have had. But your kids are teenagers, they wonít go for something like that. Will they? You might be surprised at what your kids will do when it means a day or weekend at home with the parents, actually doing something together. Some things that the children can help do is sort through their old sporting items, making it a nostalgic trip down memory lane. They can also choose a paint color and help with a scheme in the garage. Even if you didnít care about a scheme, give them a task and make them feel good about it.

Things to Add

When you are adding on to the garage, consider the future. If you already have teenagers, then they will soon have vehicles. Do you need to add another garage stall or two in order to accommodate cars soon? Do they all have a bike, a four wheeler, sleds, motorcycles or sporting goods that take up space? Then it might be worthwhile to add another ten feet on to the end or side of the garage so you can safely store the items inside.

Another thing to add to the garage could be a sink. The sink will need to be shut off during cold months, but it could be a great way to get dirty hands cleaned off before they track dirt and grease in tot eh house. They could also be a place to wash out paintbrushes, sparing your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

How to Make it Fun

Make the process fun by including the kids and asking their opinion. Younger kids love to paint. Give them the task of painting a section of the garage they can reach. If they like to organize things, have them sort the sports balls and equipment in to specially marked bins. They can also help move holiday decorations around, hang up golf clubs, clean window on the garage door or even paint the garage doors. There is no end to the small tasks your kids can do in the garage, when you ďaskĒ and make them feel included and valued.

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